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It's June

June Gloom for some...but Summer's a Comin'

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It's June. That strange month of gloomy days yet the feeling of summer is in the air. This month we put together a little playlist with a mixture of gloomy tracks to drag you through those clouded days.... and a few uplifting tracks to remind you that the beach awaits.

We begin with The Station Chief, a dramatic score featuring orchestral instrumentation playing with intensity. The title says it all.

Sadder Day is a somber one. For that extra dreary day :(

Above the Clouds will lift your spirits high with a more contemporary sound featuring our very talented drummer and cellist.

Canopy Glide is an orchestral piece inspired by John William's (the best).

Mustard Seeds will take you on a journey. Featuring orchestral and modern instrumentation making this one triumphant track.

The Archbishop paints a picture similar to the title. A dark playful track this one is.

The Neighborhood man is great for a summer day. Throw on some headphones and it'll make you feel nice.

Onward and Upward is an old classic featuring a string quartet and orchestral instrumentation. Enjoy!