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Spring is finally here. Let's brighten things up a bit. Check out a few humble tracks from Booker Hill Music which are sure to brighten up your creative, and more importantly, your day.

-This Short playlist features Forty Winks, recorded at BHM studios using classic instrumentation to include our grand piano which dates back to 1919 with a few modern sounds thrown in the mix.

-A Friend Indeed has a different much more modern, electronic yet nostalgic feel, featuring synth sounds, live drums, and a few other layers.

-Tiger by the Tail is a feel-good drum track, with a touch of uplifting notation combined with a sentimental "sampled" feel. One of our in-house favorites.

-Then there is Treetops. Mellow, smooth, organic and has an innocent quality to it.

-Sunshine has that classic 3/4 feel which makes you sway. Artfully crafted using real instrumentation, this one is guaranteed to make you smile.

-Like what you hear? Browse the Booker Hill Library. Contact us for any sales inquiries.

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