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Shazaam! The 2019 Honda Insight – World of Meh - Booker Hill Music

RPA , Honda, & Booker Hill Music do it again with another great spot, "World of Meh." The creatives at RPA did a brilliant job creating a world of the mundane, drab beige colors, cattle-like boredom filled with the sounds of "Meh...Ugh...Blah." Suddenly, out comes the 2019 Honda Insight, a new wave of hybrid poised to take over the market proving that you can still have a cool car even though its a hybrid.

The spot is making a nice impact appearing in AdAge!

Adding to this mundanity, but supplementing it with a splash of playfulness, the Booker Hill crew gathered our instruments and went to work. The playful melody dances through the hilariously subtle spot opening up into a nostalgic wonder as the car speeds away down the SoCal highway.

Special thanks to the RPA team and Honda for working with Booker Hill Music.


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