Music for Advertisements, Film Score and Television

Enjoying sunny Santa Monica, Booker Hill Music specializes in making music for film, television, commercials and digital advertising.  Our expertise is creating music for commercials and advertisements including television campaigns, radio campaigns, and digital ad campaigns such as YouTube advertising.

Booker Hill Music is a collective of handpicked composers and musicians. We license music for television commercials and advertisements, radio, the Internet, ads on all mediums, video games, apps, short films and feature films.  Our online library consists of a selection of organic tracks available for licensing, composed and performed by Booker Hill Music musicians. We create custom tailored musical score of all genres and for all creative works.  Our recording studio (Booker Hill Studios) is located in Santa Monica, California.  Our studio runs on ProTools and Logic and is fully equipped to handle everything from a string quartet to a rock band as well as Foley, ADR, Voiceover (VO), or re-recording mixing. 

If you’ve ever watched a film or commercial without music, the emotional element is lost.  A delightful scene can suddenly turn sinister if the music is altered, and a gloomy scene can suddenly become radiant and happy if reversed.  Here at Booker Hill Music, we enhance your visual to further the visceral response it receives from viewers.  Our job is to use sound to elevate visual.  While some creatives require a single acoustic guitar playing softly to reach that goal, others require a full symphony.  At Booker Hill Music, we can provide you with that single acoustic guitar, that full orchestra and everything in between.  It’s our job to translate your vision, unleashing the power of our composers to utilize all tools at their disposal, from a mariachi band to a string quartet, we have the tools and capabilities to get the job done.  We also offer a full music library with numerous genres and feels.  If you find a song that fits perfectly with your creative, all of our tracks are available for commercial licensing. 

A Santa Monica-based Film, Television and Commercial Music Company | We make music for film, television, commercials and digital advertising